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South of Entre Rios
A fantastic photographic adventure!
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Ceibas, Entre Rios
A birding paradise not far from Buenos Aires!
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About Ceibas

Less than 2 hours from Buenos Aires

The Ceibas area is starting to catch on as a fabulous destination for birdwatching in Argentina, comparable to the Ibera wetlands and Iguazu's Atlantic rainforest. Getting 100 bird species in a day - at any time of the year - is not out of the ordinary, and there are plenty of different habitats and good hotspots to keep you busy for 4 or 5 days.

Latest Ceibas News

  • With a group of bird guides we took part in a daytrip to visit "Rio de las Aves Birding Lodge", the first accomodation in the area specialized in catering for birdwatchers. As an extension of the Parana river delta, the property has incredible wetlands, surrounded by grasslands and isolated patches of Chaco forest.

    By Horacio Matarasso