Shortly About Horacio Matarasso

Horacio is a biologist and a passionate birder. He started birding at high school so he decided to study biology at Buenos Aires University to dedicate himself to ornithology, and join Aves Argentinas / Birdlife partner in the country, from more than 30 years ago.

He used to work at BA University and at Western Washington University where he did research works about woodpeckers, and later he moved 18 years to Patagonia, where he led researchs about birds of Lanin National Park and forest management using birds. He was professor on Biology and Director of the Ornithology Center at Comahue National University, making census in different biogeographic habitats. He discovered a new specie for Argentina : a sort of Mockingbird. He also gives birding courses, where people can introduce on birding passion.

Since 2014 he returned to Buenos Aires to take the national coordination of members of Aves Argentinas, partner of Birdlife in the country. He also chair theSouth America Bird Fair, the main event of the continent in terms of birdwatching, and he guides birdwatchers who come to this region.

Horacio say:

"I like to go to birding. I like to share this activity with other people. Thanks to my job, I could go, with binoculars and guides, to other countries in South America, North America and the world, but I'm still dazzled by these places where you can observe more than 100 species in a day and have always unexpected surprises. I hope to share that with a lot of people!"

Ceibas Tours


Meeting in the city o airport.
We'll pick up thereand go directly to north Delta (2 - 2,5 hs travel) knowing the landscapes of Pampas today, with their raptors, finches and big birds. Crossing the bridges of Parana river, we'll arrive to South of Entre Rios Province, and start the best birding in wetlands and grasslands.
Great opportunities of herons, ducks, rails, kingfishers and ibis.
Arrive to de hotel (lodge, hotel or hostel).
Lunch in the field (picnic) and birding during the afternoon.
We'll visit Chaco's forest to find cuckoos, tanagers, antbirds, woodpeckers, woodcreepers and humingbirds.
Dinner and night in the area. If we are not tired enough we can do a night outing looking for owls, nightjars and nighthawks.

Full day in ceibas area, starting early: wetlands with opportunities for Scarlet-headed Blackbird, Snail Kite and endemic Reedhaunters., and rivers where even is possible to use kayaks.
After lunch we can go to rural areas with opportunities for seedeaters and the very endangered Saffron-cowled Blackbird.
After lunch, we continue the birding. Even is possible to find some plovers and sandpipers in some seassons of the year.
Arrive at the hotel or airport in the afternoon.

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